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Children's Mental Health,
5-Book Series

- Kailee Finds the Dragon

- A Monkey on Ken's Back

- Ami is NOT a Monster

- Shawn's Jetpack

- Superhero Jo

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Bipolar Disorder in Truth
y true, CRAZY story of events and symptoms leading to two episodes of manic psychosis while serving a mission in Taiwan and Montana,  and ten years afterward.  
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CD Set: Narrated By Author, Andrew S. Hogan with Guest Readers - Chad Lewis and John Robertson
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REACH From Defending to Mending THERAPIST Training Manual
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REACH From Defending to Mending CLIENT WORKBOOK
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Beware! This FREE Ebook describes manic psychosis as it happened.

The Local Guide Takes You Exploring
 humorous, 5-book series for Mandarin students, or anyone interested in Chinese.
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A School of Trout;
A Spirited Stringer of Fishing Poetry
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Santa Claus All Year Long
Volumes 1 and 2
Each chapter is a new adventure of Santa's life away from Christmas.

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