I have lived with and around mental illness all my life. As a certified mental-health counselor (ACMHC), I'm a member of CSI Upsilon Psi Upsilon (honor society for counseling professionals and students). I advocate for mental health through books, videos, audio recordings, and speaking engagements.  

REACH for Mental Health is my video program where I discuss mental health and relationships on a personal and professional level. 

Presentation Videos

Speaking engagements, talking about overcoming mental illness. 

Book Videos

Here are some videos for you to use alongside my books.

Other Mental Health Videos

These videos are meant to bring you humor, help, hope, and healing.

Part 1 of "REACH" a Melody of Mental Health. It features one of China's top guitarists: Kerman.

Above I explain A Monkey on Ken's Back, and share ideas how to use the book to talk about mental health with children.

This video shows 10 helpful and hurtful things people have said to me regarding mental illness.

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Mental Health Articles

When friends and family ask about mental illness, I often write a response... 

Dating Someone with Bipolar Disorder

Thanks for asking me about what to know when dating a man with bipolar disorder. Here are some things I would watch for: 

  • Does he act on symptoms, or is he able to identify them--without them taking control?
  • If he is on medication, does he understand its importance and... 
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Audio Books

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Bipolar Disorder in Truth

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Click below to hear Andy on the KSL Radio, Dr. Matthew Townsend show. 

Below: Mental Health Fireside in
Farmington, Utah 

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Strength in Blindness and Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder in Marriage

Below: Mental Health Fireside in
Star Valley Wyoming.