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To children, being told they have a mental illness, such as anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD) or depression, can be as hard to accept as a permanent monkey on their back. They may not want to talk about it. They may hit rock bottom. But if we can help them look up, maybe they will see: 

Everyone has monkeys on their backs…and it’s okay.

Sabine Weil; CMHC, Family Therapist 
"I was first introduced to Andy Hogan's book "A Monkey on Ken’s Back" by my three-year old grandson, who had it at home and wanted me to read it to him. It turns out it's one of his favorites. It's a delightful book with whimsical illustrations that prompted a discussion of how it feels when things aren't going right. Getting a three-year old to talk about difficult feelings is priceless

Author Andy reads A Monkey on Ken's Back

Author Andy explains how to use "Monkey"
to teach children about mental illness.

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