REACH for the Kids

REACH for the Kids is a 5-book series now available through Research Press. Below is a brief introduction video.

After four years of work, the REACH for the Kids 5-book series has arrived!

Book 1: Kailee Finds the Dragon
R - Recognize the Source of Symptoms

Symptoms from emotional disorders can be as frightening as smoke in a dark closet. But when we recognize what is inside, we too discover:

Emotional disorders and the source of the fire aren't so scary!

Author Andy explains how to use "Kailee Finds the Dragon
to teach children about mental illness.

Author Andy reads Kailee Finds the Dragon

Book 2: A Monkey on Ken's Back
E - Emerge from Isolation

To children, being told they have a mental illness, such as ADD or depression, can be as hard to accept as a permanent monkey on their back. But if we help them look up, maybe they will see:

Everyone has monkeys on their backs…and it’s okay.

Author Andy explains how to use "A Monkey On Ken's Back"
to teach children about mental illness.

Author Andy reads A Monkey on Ken's Back

Book 3: Ami Is Not a Monster
A - Authenticate Self and Disorder

Emotional disorders can feel like wearing a freaky costume at life’s Halloween party. But never fear! Just as Ami figures out how to have fun despite all the quirks she has to live with, we too can come to understand:

Monster costumes and emotional disorders are NOT who we are!

Book 4: Shawn's Jetpack
C - Control Your Disorder as You are Able

Learning to control the highs, lows, and crashes of emotional disorders can be as tricky as flying a jetpack. It takes balance, healthy fuel, and help from caring people. The good news is:

It IS possible to control emotional disorders and soar up in life!

Author Andy reads Shawn's Jetpack

Book 5: Superhero Jo
H - Heighten Your Life!

Emotional disorders or being a superhero can cause hard crashes in life. The disorders make the dream of flying up high again super scary. But when we listen to loving voices and desire to do good, like Jo, we too can discover:

Heightened dreams are within our grasp, even when we're not perfect.

Marty Mendenhall, PhD, Psychologist 
“Andy writes with sensitivity and the wisdom of experience. This book series is sure to be a valuable resource in helping parents talk to children about mental illness and emotional disorders.” 

Kristal James, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor 
“These books are well done and heart felt. They are exactly what we need. This is a great way to begin discussing the topic of emotional disorders or mental illness, and reducing stigma at even very young ages. We are lucky to have these resources available to us.”

Michael Negrette, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist 

“Emotional disorders” can be a difficult topic, perhaps especially for children. There is a lack of resources to help children understand, on their developmental level, what is happening in their lives. These books take an important first step in that direction. The stories were developed to help parents, guardians and professionals begin important discussions with children who directly have, or who have family members, with an emotional disorder. Andy uses a creative and fun approach to reach young people and these books will be of great help to many families!”

Sabine Weil; CMHC, Family Therapist 
"I was first introduced to Andy Hogan's book "A Monkey on Ken’s Back" by my three-year old grandson, who had it at home and wanted me to read it to him. It turns out it's one of his favorites. It's a delightful book with whimsical illustrations that prompted a discussion of how it feels when things aren't going right. Getting a three-year old to talk about difficult feelings is priceless."

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