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REACH from Defending to Mending is printed and ready. There's a therapist manual that trains mental-health professionals how to teach the program, and there is a client workbook. 

There is also a REACH from Defending to Mending group program with a therapist training manual and group members Workbook


Training Manual 

"REACH for the Kids" is here!

Book 1: Introduction
Kailee Finds the Dragon

Mandarin Immersion
Fantastic series for advanced Mandarin students:

REACH From Defending to Mending

Here's a video introduction to step one of the program: Recognize the defensive cycle.

REACH for Mental Health

Below is one of my latest episodes. Click here to see all my
REACH for Mental Health videos.

Speaking Engagements

I love to speak about mental health to groups of all ages and sizes. Shoot me an email to arrange a speaking engagement for your group. I usually don't charge and am willing to travel!

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