Hello! I'm Therapist and Author, Andrew S. Hogan, ACMHC.
I go by Andy.

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Through books, videos, and speaking engagements, my hope is to lighten your load, or brighten your road in some way.

Latest News

REACH from Defending to Mending is printed and ready. There's a therapist manual that trains mental-health professionals how to teach the program, and there is a client workbook. 

There is also a REACH from Defending to Mending group program with a therapist training manual and group members Workbook


Training Manual 

"REACH for the Kids" is here!

Book 1: Introduction
Kailee Finds the Dragon

Mandarin Immersion
Fantastic series for advanced Mandarin students:

REACH From Defending to Mending

Here's a video introduction to step one of the program: Recognize the defensive cycle.

Andy's 2018 Calendar of Events

Jan. 4 - Feb. 8 (Fridays): REACH from Defending to Mending Group Therapy in Layton. Since this is the first group implementing the program, the cost is only 20.00 to pay for your workbook. Send me an email to request being a part of the group.

 Nov. 16:  REACH from Defending to Mending CE training for Aspire counselors.  

Nov. 5REACH from Defending to Mending, CE training at the University of Phoenix, 5373 S. Green St. Salt Lake City, 7:00 - 9:00PM. Free of Charge! Andy will be giving away books and signing them there as well. 

Oct. 21: Andy will be the featured speaker at a stake fireside in Star Valley Wyoming, sharing his story and things he has learned regarding mental health. Andy will be giving away free books at the fireside.

Oct. Beating Mental Illness, 5-steps self-help book, updated English version, to be published by Bear Canyon Press.

Sept. REACH from Defending to Mending workbook and training manual to be published by Bear Canyon Press.

Aug 30: Finish internships, graduate from Master of Mental Health Counseling program! YEAH!

July 14-15:  Author appearance at the American School Counselors Association Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

June 22: Beating Mental Illness; 5-steps self-help book, simplified Mandarin version published by Minzu University Press in Beijing, China.

June 1: REACH for the Kids, 5-book series published by Research Press.

May 30:  Mental-health address to students at Bountiful Junior High School.

March 23: Mental-health address to the Davis County School District's elementary-school counselors.

March 2: Mental-health address to students and parents at Bonneville Academy. 

Send me an email and let's get you on my calendar!

Speaking Engagements

I love to speak about mental health to groups of all ages and sizes. Shoot me an email to arrange a speaking engagement for your group. I usually don't charge and am willing to travel!

The least expensive way to order books is to send me an email. All orders come to me--Andy, and I never share your information with anyone else.   

You can order through Amazon, but they will just send me an email and I will take the books to the post office and mail them. I'd rather not charge you extra to pay Amazon's fees.